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YOUR LOCAL OHIO INSURANCE AGENCY specializing in Medicare and employee benefit plans.

The confidence to know you have the right coverage… 
& the trust that your agent is in your corner.

specializing in Medicare
& employee benefit plans

Stop Dreading the Renewal Process

Most people would rather step on a rusty nail than talk about insurance. But it’s different with Central Ohio Group.

Get clear, correct information and talk to a real person so you can make the best decision about your insurance.

How to Get The Right Insurance Plan

We provide insurance education and advocacy that gives you the confidence to know you have the right insurance protecting you.

Here’s how:

You Call

Call or click the button to start an easy, informal conversation about your insurance needs.

We Ask

During our talk, we’ll ask you questions that help us determine your best options for insurance.

You Choose

Then, we’ll present options in simple terms so you’re confident about understanding what’s best for you.

You’re Family

Once you enroll with us, we’re family. Keep living your best life and call anytime you need us.

Health Insurance Advice Backed by 40+ Years of Experience

Medicare patient with doctor

Confidently Navigate Medicare

“Medicare overwhelm” is a real thing. Medicare is complex and difficult to understand. Trying to get a real person on the phone is a thing of the past at most insurance agencies.

You might be thinking: There’s got to be a better way.

We agree!

We’ve intentionally structured the way we work with our clients in a different way. You’ll always talk to a real person when you call Central Ohio Group. We’ll show you the differences in policies and renewal options so you make a confident choice, every time.

Craft a Solid Insurance Package for Employees

An employee benefits expert on our team is ready to walk you through every step of the process. They’ll help you find a cost-effective benefits package that your employees deserve.


Options for
Individual Insurance

Learn about options for health, life, vision, and dental plans. We’ll walk you through the differences in plans and help you select the best plan that fits your needs and your budget. 


Start a Conversation

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